Science journal of transportation. - 2022. - No.12

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1-10A comparison of generated intensity-duration-frequency curves under CMIP5 and CMIP6
11-20Intent post filtering and intent domain identification using convolutional neural network method
21-34Residual shear strength of short-span corroded reinforced concrete beams
35-41Study on elastic deformation of FCC binary substitutional alloy at zero pressure
42-52Application of georadar method for detecting base and subgrade distresses of rigid pavement at Noibai International Airport
53-62Design a robust controller for tracking control between steering wheel and road wheels in steer-by-wire systems
63-70Development of an IoT device with raspberry Pi zero to monitor the operating parameters of wheel rut testing equipment
71-86Study of a train detection method at railway crossing by short-range radar
87-94Demonstration of two-factor authentication device with keypad and face recognition technology
95-102Impact of VMS on driver's route choice behavior in Hanoi, Vietnam
103-110A study on internet of things node with piezoelectric sensor for bridge monitoring over 3G network
111-119Development of impedance measurement system to quickly examine the metro concrete sleeper
120-130Proposal of a gain - scheduling method to control the two - wheeled robot for walking assistance
131-144Codifying bridge engineering terminology based on lexical functions in meaning text theory
145-154A comparison of the simulation and experiment results which changing compression ratio of the homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
155-166Simulating an electromagnetic valve in the cummins injector
167-179On equipping heavy-duty vehicles with a pneumatic anti-lock braking system
180-187Features of research into the dynamics of a pneumatic brake drive
188-197Experimental study of an articulated vehicle performing a lane changing maneuver
198-222Contribution to test research for identification of behavior parameters of trucks
223-244Selection of equipment for vehicle proximity control
245-250Improve product quality by design automation
251-260Dynamic calculation of a flat mechanism
261-266Methods of financial resources saving at automotive service enterprises
267-271Application of the ansys fluent program complex for modeling the flow of engine oil
272-277Determination of accurate and reliable fuel consumption values during road tests
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